Buy, deploy and manage servers from Discord!


GM8 offers the affordable, reliable, and powerful game servers at extremely affordable prices.


You can buy GM8 servers right from your Discord, making it so much easier to play with friends.


GM8 often draws prizes of free games or servers just for having us in your server!

Servers we Offer

Factorio Server Hosting
7 Days To Die Server Hosting
Minetest Server Hosting
Minecraft Server Hosting
Clusterio Client Hosting
Clusterio Master Hosting

Create a server in under 10 seconds

With our simple to use bot, you can easily create your own GM8 game server in under 10 seconds without even leaving Discord!

Our simplified command system will ensure you always spend less time setting up servers, and more time asking your friends to join in on the fun.

Creating a server using the GM8 bot

Manage and control your servers with ease

No more logging into panels! You can start, restart, change versions, and more, all from within Discord. Managing a game server has never been this simple!

Opening server options and starting server using the GM8 bot

Great for servers on small Discords

Run a small community or have a Discord guild with your friends? Get a GM8 game server as an easy way for you to all play with eachother.

You can even give other users admin privileges, so you can control and manage eachother's servers.

Getting a server's IP in Discord with a friend

And an advanced custom web administration panel

Don't feel like using out Discord bot? Need to do something more advanced? Feel free to use our custom web administration panel compatible with all games.

Screenshot of a part of our custom administration panel

Deploy a Server

You can deploy a server right here. Don't worry, any server you deploy online can be managed via discord also; and vica versa!