V2 Competition!

Posted on 1 18, 2019 by glooder

The fifth GM8 event will be an achievement run! On this date, the 2nd of March, we want to open a single vanilla 0.17 server in which everyone can join. AFK kicks will be disabled, and as long as we have no issues with the server, it will keep running for at least 12 hours.

The event will start at 08:00 AM UTC (GMT) on the Saturday after V2 and 0.17 are released and we will aim for a game where everyone can collect every achievement in a single game! You will need to play for more than half the time to receive the achievements so ensure to leave your account logged in to collect as many achievements as you can.

The main focus of the server will be to co-operate and get as many players in from the start as we can. This, because we are trying to achieve a couple of main achievements:

  • Getting on track like a pro (Build a locomotive in the first 90 minutes)
  • Lazy Bastard (limited handcrafting until the first satellite launch)
  • Steam all the way (no solar panels until the first satellite launch)
  • Raining bullets (no laser turrets until the first satellite launch)
  • Logistic network embargo (no active provider/buffer/requester chests until the first satellite launch)
  • No Spoon (launch a rocket with a satellite in 8 hours)