New Site!

Posted on 7 22, 2018 by glooder

GM8 had a total redesign!

You can now navigate our site even easier, and it looks way cooler. Even a new logo! It was a little hard to say goodbye to our OG controller dude, but please give our new face a warm welcome.

Anyways! If you check out your server management page, you can notice that it has a much cleaner look. There is now FTP for everyone on every instance (with an exception of trial). We've also added charts so you can see CPU and RAM you are using, and we've made MAJOR improvements to our discord bot.

The GM8 team is constantly bouncing new ideas off eachother to find ways to make GM8 even better, and we're all hyped to see all our future plans play out. We're constantly looking for new games to add, and the best deals to give you guys.

Hope you like the improvements!